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MICA origination

Our story

In 2018, Leeuwarden took the spotlight as European Capital of Culture, after which the idea for developing a centre for the creative industry in the city was conceived. MICA aims to boost employment opportunities in the creative industry. For ambitious young professionals to work and live in the region. For creative study programmes to increase their quality through impulses from the business community.


In 2019, publisher NDC Mediagroep (now Mediahuis Noord), NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and ROC Friesland College (secondary vocational education) further developed the concept. The three parties signed a collaboration agreement, and found another twenty partners from the creative industry to join them in a new collective – the origination of MICA, Media Innovation Campus in Leeuwarden.


MICA is a physical location in the heart of the city (the building is also home to Mediahuis Noord). Even more so, it is an expanding network of businesses, experienced professionals, young talents and anyone who aspires to become a professional in the creative industry. We connect them.

Experimenting is our basic approach. We learn from every step along the way of trial and error. Sometimes you fail, sometimes you achieve surprising results. For MICA, that is the road to innovation. Anyone with an open mind, a bold spirit, and an exploring approach can take the lead in the ever-evolving creative industry. We open those doors.

Connecting creative worlds

The northern Netherlands is our homebase. However, our horizon expands far beyond that. Our network is international and crosses borders, both online and offline. We venture to think big and welcome all of you to join us. At MICA, creative worlds connect. Media Innovation Campus is the creative hotspot to be and to connect us all.


MICA is located at Sixmastraat 15 in Leeuwarden, a five-minute walk to the train station, and alongside the railway to Groningen. A central location that is part of the urban development plan Spoorzone 2020-2050 of the municipality of Leeuwarden.

The MICA development area connects to the Water Campus – the European Center of Excellence for sustainable water technology Wetsus, the Water Alliance, and Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences. An area in which research, innovation, and knowledge development take place in close collaboration between businesses and knowledge institutions. Additionally, student housing and hospitality facilities are being realised here.

Property plans

Architects Jacob Borren and Bauke Tuinstra develop the plans to for renovation and construction at MICA. They aim to create an atmosphere of transparency, connection, and accessibility, for the building as well as its surroundings. These characteristics also apply to the way the building’s occupants collaborate, ranging from a large and established publisher such as Mediahuis Noord to small start-ups and knowledge institutions.